Along one side of Skaha lake there is a portion of the KVR trail that is worth cycling. This part of the trail picks up across town from where the Kelowna-Penticton portion of the trail ends. Start at Wright’s Beach Camp at the North-West side of Skaha lake and bike south. This first 5 km or so is the most ‘remote’ section and the most enjoyable. It’s just the path between jagged rockface and lake.

Before too long you enter the town of Kaleden and the path turns into paved residential streets. You can continue along the lake or take in a little tourism (Kaleden Hotel ruins, beaches etc…).

There is only another couple kms before reaching the only trestle bridge on this section – but it’s a fun one! If weather permits, and no one ruins the fun, this is a great spot to jump off the bridge and do a little swimming.

For the return journey, there is the option of going back the same route or heading to the other side of the lake. Eastside road runs the length of the east side of the lake (ahem) and as it usually doesn’t have much traffic, you can fly back to the start in no time.