Tim, Rob + Steve hiking near Drummond Lake
Crossing the river that flows from Drummond Glacier
Rob jumpin near Drummond mountain
Raftin' at Skeleton Lake
Posing with the raft at Skeleton LakeRaftin' at Skeleton LakeRob with a catch at Skeleton LakeOverlooking the Red Deer RiverThe final river crossing before Skeleton LakeRiver crossing with Pipestone Mountain in the backgroundRob + ChrisSunset over Red Deer LakesRob fishing at Skeleton LakeRob inspecting a glacial waterfallSteve overlooking the valleyBe careful Tim!Chris near Ptarmigan lakeRob and Steve near the beginning of the hikeTrekking through the snow above Ptarmigan lakeChris + Steve at Deception PassView from Deception PassChris posing with his star catch at Red Deer LakesTim, Rob + Steve hiking near Drummond LakeDavid chopping divets into the raftSteve getting dangerous

Rob chose well to spend his last bachelor days hiking in the mountains. We decided to hike around the Skoki area in Banff National Park.

Aside from the beautiful scenery and tough hiking, the definite highlight was fresh fish every day (caught a few meters from where we camped).

One day we tried to build a raft which failed miserably. Next time, try a lot more rope and less rotten wood.

Pushing over trees to make bridges over rivers is also much more difficult than it sounds. Watch that the bridge doesn't wash down the river during construction.


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