Little Amie with one scrumptious mango!
Team CCI Suriname - Mary, Steve, Amie, Brenda, Sherilyn, Jess
Computer saavy Steve teaches George a few things about PCs.
Gone Fishin'! Steve so hit it off with some locals that they invited him to go piranha fishing with them.
Oh Canada! We proudly represented our nation, at a community fundraiser. Rogue ankle-biter....trying to drink from the big dog's pail!Shane, Lindsey, Steve, Amie and Peter on the banks of the Commewijne. Canada and Holland unite for adventure.Lounging during the 8th hour of our mail boat adventure on the Commewijne river. Steve in a Telesur egg. Um...Looks good! Steve sniffing out an unidentified fruit, vegetable or nut. Mmmm... What's for dinner? Actually, we found out later that it was bush rabbit. It tasted pretty good anyway! Steve and Amie holding what is now known to be Kalabash, used to make bowls and crafts once dried.

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