International Hike and Bike Trail

The Osoyoos Subdivision or South Spur of the Kettle Valley Railway is partially preserved as a multiuse trails. It starts in Penticton and travels south through OK Falls, Oliver terminating in Osoyoos. The most developed section is along the west side of Skaha Lake. To make this a nice cycling loop try cycling the route and return along Eastside road (a quiet road on the east side of Skaha Lake). The cliffs just south of Penticton are a highlight as well as the old Kaleden Hotel and bridge entering OK Falls.

Entering Okanagan Falls from the north

From 5km north of Oliver to Osoyoos Lake the International Hike and Bike Trail follows both sides of a canal. Occasionally it follows the old KVR route and if not it is only a stone’s throw away. The north end of the trail is paved and becomes more rugged as you travel south. At the very south end of the trail it is possible to visit the Osoyoos Oxbows although to travel into the actual town of Osoyoos it is necessary to ride on the busy highway for considerable stretches.

It is possible to find three old railway stations along the entire length of the south spur. Penticton’s is the Kisman Club, Oliver’s is a tourist info centre and Osoyoos is the sailing club.

Cycling the whole length of the south spur is technically impossible as several sections are impassible. For example much of the northern section of trail goes across Penticton Indian Band lands, a critical bridge is missing at the south end of Vaseux Lake, and Osoyoos city is on top of the old trail.

Paddling along section of trail now under farmland near McIntyre Bluffs