Spectrum Lake Island (yes we hiked in a paddle board)

Spectrum Lake was that location that we used to walk by on the way up into the Monashees. In recent years with young children, it has become a great little weekend destination for beginner backcountry experiences. This has been the revelation by many many others and now hot Saturday nights are filled to capacity and then some. Nevertheless it is a picturesque spot worth the effort for a couple nights of camping.

Spectrum Lake dock

Spectrum Lake is the only backcountry lake that I can think of in the region that has a dock. At face value this doesn’t seem like a significant feature but it has become sort of the campground hang out and mingling hub. Most backcountry lakes are frigid and it is difficult to get aquainted with more than the first few meters of the shore. The Spectrum dock gets you away from the trees and out into the lake to take in the majesty of the surroundings. Wow a whole paragraph about a dock.

Aside from the noted dock, there is also an outhouse and bear cache.

In recent years, the path to the waterfall near the lake has become more well known and more accessible. Find it by walking past the bear cache and crossing the log across the river at first opportunity. Navigate the log gauntlet for a bit and be shocked at how the waterfall was bigger and better than expected!

This may have been anecdotal but in the worst year for bugs in living memory (summer 2022), Spectrum Lake had very few. Maybe it is a special spot!

Spectrum Lake Falls