A little touch of Alsace in the middle of tropical Malaysia.
Dad's treat - yummy wine bar and live music one evening.
Where's Waldo...find Chantelle and Amie among the creepy clowns
A pitstop on our hike up a long winding, never ending road leading to an 'authentic Japanese village'.
What!?! The Comar Tropicale felt more like being in Europe than Asia, surrounded by castles and all.Chantelle and Mom strike a pose in front of the Petronas Towers.We stumbled upon a couple sporting the best couple's shirt ever. Shamelessly we asked to get a photo with them.

Mom and Dad did it again.

They spoiled us rotten. To celebrate our last hurrah as an entire Campbell clan in Asia, they flew us all to Malaysia where we spent three wonderful days together.

There were, as often happens while traveling, a few surprises along the way. The first was our hotel in Bukit Tinggi. We felt like we'd been dropped in the middle of a Bavarian village – until an Asian carnival started up at 9am the next morning complete with flea market, midway games, and loud music.

What a fabulous weekend! We feasted, we celebrated and we laughed (there is always plenty to giggle about when you're surrounded by a bizarre and fantastical mix of Eurasian splendour.) And mostly we just loved being together.


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