Matt, Jocelyn, Amie +Aya, Steve biking towards Phnom Voar
Amie + Aya
After a long journey, there's always the Kep sailing club!
Aya checking the map in the Kep mountains
Aya leading the way through the Kep mountainsAya taking a break on the hikeAya's tat-leggings for long bike rides

We started the year off right with a beautiful cycling trip and a big challenge. The bike trip from Chhuk to Kep was excellent, as was sharing the experience with our friends visiting from Canada, Matt + Jocelyn. The challenge was strapping an 8-month-old on for the 65km journey. We keep pushing ourselves and we gain confidence every time!


We definitely questioned whether it was possible or not, and I worried about Aya getting hot and dehydrated. Especially when we detoured through a blazing hot valley with no shade for an hour. And then weren't sure whether there was a way out or not…

But the fears were unnecessary. We took lots of breaks and for some reason, Aya seemed to LOVE the adventure. Couldn't be prouder of our little traveler, or more thankful for friends who still welcome us with open arms even with a baby in tow!


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