Last week several people came up to us and said they saw Amie and I on national television. We had been at a cultural fair and we noticed the cameras going around. We thought if we just posed nicely and didn’t look straight into the camera we may have a shot. IT WORKED!!!

But today was the ultimate thrill. We mentioned in our previous post that we had gone on an Interior trip with a prominent journalist. We we never knew sharing our pictures with her meant that she was going to get it published on the front page of the most prestigious national newspaper. Amie and I were doing a little jungle exploration when the famous picture was taken and in fact I think it was Amie who actually took the picture but hey, she always gets the newspaper glory so I’m taking this one cause somehow my name got put on it. Then to top it off, Erna the journalist said that I should go to the newspaper office and collect my payment of $25US for the pic!

Oh, by the way, the article is about gold miners who are taking advantage of the relaxed restrictions with their river operations. In the process of extracting gold from the rivers, they are dumping loads of chemicals into the water. Aha! That’s why I was so itchy after my river swim!