I mentioned before that we were staying here in Tancacha with a local family. What an adventure that has turned out to be. We ended up meeting most of the town these last couple days. Everyone wants to have us over for supper and/or put us up for the night. So we keep doing just that. Tonight we got into a little trouble. We double booked ourselves for supper. We had supper at the place of some people we met at a church today then the other family called us just when we were finishing and were super mad that we forgot about them. We played dumb and pretended we didn't eat. So we went back to the other family's place and pretended to be super hungry when we were stuffed already. I still have no idea how Kevin and I downed two more platefuls of food (wait, now I'm feeling it). A couple guys drove us away from the city this morning and we went on a great hike and then went to the meat shop and got some stuff for a barbecue (pretty routine around here). I must have mentioned before that South America is filled with far too many stray dogs. It was funny – when everyone but Kevin was filled with meat, I got this picture of Kevin eating at a picnic table surrounded by hungry dogs.

Lets see, what else, oh I got into an intense game of scrabble with a 9 year old yesterday and he beat me pretty bad. Granted, everything was in Spanish but it still hurts you know. I mentioned that we met some people at church. Turns out that the family we stayed with goes to a Spanish church. It was really fun and really interesting to see the culture. There was one thing that was kind of unusual. A couple guys in the church found it very comfortable to stand 1 inch away from my face and talk to me. I could feel every word and if I stepped back, they just smiled and stepped right towards me again.


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