A day sailing on the Morningstar
Amie by the Acropolis
Steve by the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens
Aya captaining the Morningstar
View of the Parthanon from atop Lofos LikavitouTemple of Olympian Zeus in AthensAmie exploring AthensArwen crawling along the Morningstar near AthensView from Lofos LikavitouSteve + Aya atop windy Lofos LikavitouView of the Parthenon atop Lofos LikavitouAya playing near the AcropolisView over AthensFamily by the Acropolis

Although Greece is considered a Balkan country it is hard to group it with the rest. Greece is legendary in the list of well known countries of the world. I couldn't believe how many aspects of Greece were familiar. For starters I could sound out all the words, remembering the alphabet from mathematics. We don't learn about the mythologies and gods of most countries but you can't get away from Greek history in the Constellations, horoscopes, and popular media. Then there's Mt. Olympus, Marathon, the Acropolis, Parthenon, the Greek empire, Alexander the Great, the Olympics and of course the birthplace of democracy.

With this in mind we plunged into Athens for a few days very much enjoying the food, experiences and meeting up with old friends.


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