Relaxing at Abraham Lake
Bad Snappy
Steve with a layout D-block at Ho-Down
Steve on Gap Mountain
Hiking AmieQuick lunch stopSteve and Amie hiking on Athabasca GlacierAthabasca Glacier

It's hard to believe the summer has flown by so quickly, but looking back, we have kept ourselves really busy! We took the July long weekend to visit the Columbia Icefields – a truly remarkable experience when you think about the mass of snow and ice that ends up feeding three oceans, and most of Canada's population with water. Somehow Steve convinced me that hiking the lateral morraine of the Athabasca glacier was a good idea. We realized later that we were still in glacial territory and we were lucky that we didn't fall through a hidden crevace. We've done some other hikes as well – trying to get outside and enjoy our amazing summer weather.

After a weekend of playing ultimate frisbee in Ho-Down, the Calgary invitational tournament, both of us could hardly walk. But the picture of Steve laying out ballerina-like was completely worth it. We played 5 games throughout the weekend, and then Steve and I rushed off to play in a flag football tournament later…good exercize to say the least.

And of course, there's always Snap. She's managed to worm her way into our hearts, and it's difficult when she's so cute, to get mad at her for killing my flowers when she sleeps in their pots. Ah. We love her.


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