A fantastic adventure lies just south of Christina Lake in BC Boundary Country. It starts with some exploration of an abandoned hydro project at Cascade Falls. It is possible to walk through what used to be a spillway. This wouldn’t be interesting if it wasn’t for some unique rock walls that feel like a castle entrance. There are also some interesting concrete culverts to walk through. All the while, the crashing water of the nearby Cascade Falls can be heard.

‘castle walls’ at Cascade Falls hydro ruins
Tunnel under the KVR route near Cascade Trestle

At the end of the spillway and getting near the Cascade Trestle, there is a tunnel that goes under the KVR route except at first glance it looks like the tunnel is collapsed at the south end. Fear not, because with a bit of maneuvering, it is possible to crawl up through the apparent collapse and emerge on the other side.

Cliff Jumping at Cascade Trestle

The adventure is not over though because at the Cascade Trestle (if it is the right time of year) then a wonderful swim hole exists. August is a suitable time as the river flow has slowed. It is possible to cliff jump into the river and float through the channel for a ways before crawling up to the shore beneath the trestle. At the moment there is also a giant rope dangling from the trestle making for some epic rope swinging. There are levels of cliff jumping to suit each member of the family ranging from child size to daredevil.

Rope swinging under Cascade Trestle

Swimming near Cascade Trestle