One of my hiking adages is ‘don’t hike the beautiful peak, hike the one next to it.’ This is definitely the case with Crowsnest Mountain. You can’t really take it in if you hike the mountain itself. So how about Tecumseh + Philipps mountains?

Mt. Tecumseh (from Philipps Summit) with Crowsnest Mt in the open to the right

Directions to Trailhead

There is a 4×4 trail that runs along the south side of the mountain but at the time of writing, did not seem accessible from the west (Crowsnest Provincial Park) or the east (Crowsnest Lake, Street 25). Unless there is a way to get closer, the best access might be to park at either one of these locations and hike in. This is a full on scramble with no trail or signage. After walking along the 4×4 trail for a while and when it just feels right, start heading upwards!

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