Exploring other temples at Koh Ker
Mine field recently cleared at Koh Ker temple complex
Amie escorted past the warning signs and up the dilapidated stairs
Who squatted in the river long enough to carve this at Kbal Spean?
Biking on sandy cattle trails somewhat lost on the way to Beng MealeaAmie below the mighty Prasat Thom at Koh KerBetween some old ruins in Koh KerDanger.  Do not drop motorbike in river while crossing.Lots of tea after motorbiking through a freezing tropical storm to Kbal SpeanRelaxing on a stilt platform on the way to the floating villages south of Siem Reap

There are a few things synonymous with Cambodia. Temple ruins. Motorbikes. And Corruption. With a five day long weekend stretching before us, and new-found knowledge that we can take our motorbike as cargo under the bus, we got our fill of all three last week when we hit the road for Siem Reap in search of remote, untouched Angkorian temples. It was a stellar vacation ƒ?? the unforeseen challenges and (3 hour) detours along the way (like bamboo bridges and sandy cattle tracks) just added to our Indiana Jones experience.


As for the corruption part, we definitely helped to play our part in the grand scheme. Sometimes it's the only way to get things done! The main temple at Koh Ker for example has been unclimbable for some time since the collapse of a main access ladder. But you can't just visit an ancient pyramid and not climb to the top! With a little flash of cash, an unofficial young guide materializes to escort you up the ruins while security officials turn a temporary blind eye.


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