Family enjoying the pristine beach
Hiking across the island with the group
Amie + Aya relaxing in the bungalow
Aya loving the beach
Aya hiking in the woodsBathtime rustic styleDrinks on the beachAya and Sam hanging out in the tent

Cambodia's island paradises have beckoned us loud and clear over the past four years. Friends after friends have gone and reported pristine beach utopias (with the odd sand fly of course) that are largely untouched by major developments. They are Thailand's beaches 30 years ago.

With Aya at a more manageable beach age (she doesn't eat sand anymore…) and a nice stretch of holiday before us, we finally set out to see for ourselves.

We jumped on the ferry bound for Koh Rong and two hours later were surrounded by gorgeous stretches of powdery white sand. Gentle surf lapping at our toes. Basic (ahem…very basic, like no electricity basic…) thatch bungalows with the quintessential hammock on the balcony. Incredibly delicious seafood. Sunset cocktails aplenty.


1. A big ferry to get there. We'd heard horror stories of big waves and longtail boats and bailing out water. The one to Koh Rong was large and steady (and slow).

2. Aya loved the beach! This was a fantastic little secret we discovered. We will be frequenting beaches more often – as there is no end to the fun!

3. A cross island hike (no small feat with two kids under two and pulling ourselves up ropes and easing down treacherous rocks) to the most stunning beach of our lives.

4. Sunset buckets of homemade sangria and cocktails.

5. Scrumptiously delicious food in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand.

Glad we experienced it before it changes forever!


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