Typical sign in Singapore - 11 wrong ways to do things, 1 right
Steve beside a lavish building in the shopping mecca along Orchard Road
No 'play play' on the subway. The hilarious subway campaign featuring a crazy guy with long fingernails and a huge mole.
Steve + Amie at a lookout on the undeveloped Pulau Ubin Island
Angelina's Orphans team representing Phnom Penh with some other international pick-upsThe smiths go head to head

Fitting that Angelina's Orphans, our Cambodian utlimate team, got hammered in a city infamous for "caning".

Nope. We didn't do so hot in the Singapore Open. But we still had a blast, got to know some fabulous people, ran around and got exercize and managed to find some relatively inexpensive things to do in one of the most expensive cities in the world!

We rented bikes and cycled around an island off the coast, ate copious amounts of Indian food in Little India, giggled at Singapore's hilarious "Don't you dare" signs, basked in the frigid AC of several malls along Orchard road, and raced down waterslides at the cleanest swimming facility we've seen this side of the Pacific.

It was surprisingly refreshing to spend 5 days in the spic-n-span city with its 7/11's stocked with familiar treats, McDonald's McFlurries, public transit and drinkable tap water.

But also good to come back to Phnom Penh. And we're already scheming the next utlimate tournament we can get to!

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