Diaper change in Revelstoke
Funny ladies
Summit of Rundle Mt.
Aya freezing in Banff
Completely pooped after 3kmAmie and Amanda reuniting in Franklin Roosevelt NP of all placesA visit with GrandmaJammied Arwen among the liliesArwen ready for something dangerousAya helping Hugh with his candlesFinally fullArwen's exhausted positionArwen on the bridge at Cochrane ranchHiking near Trochu, AlbertaAya and Ella - easy friendsSteve educating the girlsCedar and Aya reunite in Franklin Roosevelt NPChantelle's bachelloretteAya + Arwen helping Hugh roll up the tentLast moment before marriageCanada day in Winnipeg at the ForksArwen in Amie's old dressArwen hiking in Franklin Roosevelt NPArwen stealing cookies from GrandmaAmie getting tracedCreepy hairArwen with Ta and Yay on Mt. Knox in KelownaCamping in KelownaArwen cherry pickingArwen building herself inWater park in EdmontonWater park in EdmontonDanger strollerAdventures in YorktonWedding party with Chantelle + RyanAya getting curled for flower girl dutiesBoats in the pond in ChurchbridgeArwen rocking the bugArwen planting in ReginaSweet Arwen

It’s been a couple months since our exotic travels ended and we touched down in Canada. But the travels didn’t end there and we were still living out of bags! We were kind of expecting to relax a bit after returning home but that was far from the case. After being gone for a few years, home didn’t really exist anymore so we kept moving. We went from Winnipeg to Regina to Winnipeg to Yorkton to Prince Albert to Edmonton to Calgary to Cochrane to Three Hills to Kelowna to Banff to Regina to North Dakota to Regina to Kelowna to Vancouver and finally to Kelowna again where everything came to a halt and settling down happened real quick.

Call it a case of extreme travel weariness but we ended up buying a house and finding jobs in a place that we’ve only driven through a couple times. So for now we are happily settled in Kelowna and loving it!


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