We are back in Ecuador and feeling pretty adventured out. We are lazing around at our friend Paul’s house just north of Quito. He helps out at a mountaineering, adventure, hiking sort of camp ministry (El Refugio) here in Cala Cali. Right now there is kind of a hangout house because a bunch of people just showed up at the same time. There is a group from California building a house and a bunch of other Americans chilling out and visiting. We did a little hiking but we have spent a lot more time making pasta and fruit shakes. It is hard to keep Kevin and Ryan off the guitars too. I think we are going to park it here for a couple days until our flight.

I will finish off our Colombia story. We couldn’t wait to get out of Colombia. I think we went to a bad city at a bad time and met bad people. Everyone hassled us. The men either tried to sell us drugs or told us we were going to get hurt for being there. The women whistled or gave us looks like we were idiots for being in the country. It is really too bad because Colombia is one of the most beautiful countries in South America. The time is just not right for visiting I guess.

That’s it. Time to come home. I think we are ready for a rest but of course we are all thinking up new future adventures.


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