Middle of the night!
Open eyed sleeping?

Good bye Chengdu and the best looking girls in China!… Ok so after focusing back on traveling – we are headed to Songpan from Chengdu. Now this bus ride is no short trip. 8 hours long and this guy is not stopping for nothing. Here's the bad part. We are 1 hour into the trip and I am starting to feel birth pains. That's right, a number two. I have got to go now. But I can't – I will hold it. So I am sitting in pain and Kevin is wondering if I am going to live. I just kept pressing into the seat hoping that it would pass. And it would for about 5 minutes but then I would get the insane birth pains. Seriously they just kept getting worse. I had to go… now. After some quick observation, I noticed that the back 2 rows were completely empty. I headed to the very back row and sat down. After a few minutes I stopped getting the weird looks and just pretended I was enjoying the back seat. That's when it happened. I quickly contorted my body to hover over the front of the seat while making it look like I was enjoying the view outside. And after whipping the plastic bag out of my pocket, the deed was done. After laying the massive dragon I quickly whipped it out of the window. The funniest part was that no one even noticed!!! I just sat there and laughed. Oh except Kevin. While it was going on, he was giggling like a schoolgirl. Probably good timing too because he was drawing attention away from me. I guess there is some lesson to be learned here…


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