New band album cover: Live from Dalat
Saigon City Scape
Bubble Tea!
Psychedelic Jesus - or at least glowing Jesus.
Cartwheeling in Saigonthinnest. building. ever.the communist salute.crackin' open in the passionfruit groveAmie riding with 'An the man who can'Zooming on a coaster-bob down to the waterfallCrazy HouseComfy for the overnight bus to Ho Chi Minh

We had 10 days off over Cambodia's New Year so made use of them to adventure in Vietnam with friends Dan and Amanda. What a great experience – and what a truly remarkable country. Vietnam has really gone from worshipping Uncle Ho to worshipping the Dough – and has opened itself to a capitalist economy.

It is true.

The communist country has welcomed Luis Vuitton, Gucci and Burberry London. Our jaws dropped. Not just at the stores and movie theatres and incredible food, but the infrastructure too. After 8 months of long, dusty, daytime bus rides in Cambodia, we were thrilled to discover that Vietnam has night buses – with berths to sleep in! And in the 10 days we were across the border, we experienced zero power outages – a friendly surprise.

We had a great time exploring Saigon, the highlands around Dalat (wearing long sleeves comfortably again

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