Aya's cute headpiece
Suited up all cute without sharing our enthusiasm
Relaxing at Jasmine Valley Ecolodge in Kep
Steve, Amie and Aya in Kep
A moment of peace!Aya bored at a wedding in KepFirst attempt at swimming in the ocean unsuccessfulAya's favourite chairLittle rabbit tailRelaxing at Jasmine Valley Ecolodge in KepHiking around KepAya's bed away from homeAya's cute headpieceAya's always a bit concerned about somethingAya's first laughs at 6 weeksAya likes going up to the roofCute little dressAya concerned about her rabbit clothesRelaxing at Jasmine Valley Ecolodge in KepSteve, Amie and Aya in Kep

It's been a pretty hectic two months. We're trying to balance this new full time job while also striving to claim some of the good old life back.

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