Amie preparing to transport cushions to sleepover
Sleepover Crew - Ryan, Becky, Steve, Aimee, Marcello, Dan, Lisa, Bethany, Amanda, Amie, Jocelyn, Jeremy
Biking to creepy worker statue
Amie with creepy worker statue
Sisters hanging out at Sihanouk's ruined summer getawayFour different teams for the ultimate hat tournament in SaigonPregame planning for yellowTired after games all daySteve's signature blind flickPost tournament award celebration

If you can't be surrounded by family on Christmas, you better be surrounded by amazing friends. Thankfully, that's exactly how it worked for us this year. Friends, Ryan and Becky joined us from Thailand and we and our friends here in Phnom Penh all piled into Dan and Amanda's house after a Christmas Eve service. We stuffed ourselves with Christmas delicacies, exchanged gifts, and completed a perfect Christmas by camping out on the balcony.

On Christmas Day, in fierce pursuit of our love for Ultimate Frisbee, we jumped on a bus and drove and ferried across international borders in time to play in the Saigon Hat on Dec. 26 and 27th. We are that dedicated. The trek was worth it – Ryan and Becky and Steve and I got more than our fill of disc over the weekend. And Amie's parents even got a sneak peak of the insanity, stopping in on Sunday morning to watch their very first Frisbee game.

Speaking of Amie's parents…though we weren't with family for Christmas, it was amazing to have family visit during the holidays! Mom and Dad met us in Saigon and we headed to Mui Ne for a few days. Chantelle met us all in Phnom Penh for New Years. We loved showing the family our favourite spots, including Kep on Cambodia's coast and adventuring on bicycles in search of Khmer Rouge relics (both fascinating and creepy all at the same time). We loved the company and felt deeply loved. It was an amazing Christmas and New Years indeed.


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