Steve + Eric and the V*enna girls

I still don’t know how you get 2 early 20’s guys into a concert full of teeny bopper girls. But let me explain… there was a progression to get to this point. CHRI radio in Ottawa was pretty much all we listened to in the car. It didn’t take long before we knew all the new songs. It is especially difficult not to get hooked on some tastes of music that may not be as cool – ie. contemporary light music or hip hop. Anyway, they overplayed this promo for the V*Enna concert so much that the girls’ music was in our heads all the time. We just couldn’t pass up this concert.

So we went there and it was Eric and I with a bunch of girls. We waited in line for a couple hours and just as we got to the front of the line, they closed the doors because they were sold out. Everyone started to go home but we persisted. We just sat down and wouldn’t budge, even when they got more stern and told us to go home. After several sessions of puppy dog looks and weeping, this one lady had compassion on us. She motioned for us to sneak around back. She let us into the backdoor and told us to shut up. We went along with it and bingo! We handed her some cash (for the price of the tickets – this was a christian concert) and we were in just as V*Enna went on to the stage.

That is about the time that we realized we were some of the few guys there and definitely the only ones our age. Nevertheless, we sucked up our pride and got in there and had quite a good time.