Panoramic view from Lookout Mountain

On our way to tour the Oregon coast we had the pleasure of looping around Mt. Hood and camping on the slopes of the giant volcano. Of course, a main objective was to find a reasonable hike for the whole family which could get a better perspective of the giant.

The path up Lookout Mountain

We more or less stumbled upon the Lookout mountain as it was next to our campsite and it ended up being an incredible vantage point.

Playing on some rocks near the top

Somehow I left Amie’s expensive SLR camera at the top of the mountain after dealing with some kid issue. When I realized it next morning I decided to run up the mountain again to go looking for it. Shockingly, it was still there and an additional silver lining was the perfect blue-sky day.

Aya hiker in training
Pax with a view