We thought we were cool going to Colombia. We heard it was dangerous so we left all of our stuff in Ecuador. We packed a small plastic bag with stuff we needed for a week before we returned for our stuff (so like our toothbrushes). Our first day in Colombia, our little daypack goes missing. I still claim that it dematerialized but I think the majority vote went towards it being swiped (maybe a little welcome to our country present). Anyway, now for our last week of traveling we seriously are just walking around with the clothes on our back (and camera). We just walked into a McDonalds and walked right into the bathroom. Ryan was washing his chest when I left and a McDonald’s employee walked in on him with his foot in the sink. McDonalds is always a great international place to take a bath!

We have never had so many stares in all of our travels. Tourists obviously don't ever come to Colombia anymore. The for sure don't come to this city, Cali, anymore. We just picked a random city in the middle of Colombia, since we lost our travel guide about a month ago. Little did we know that it is the new drug capital.

We are being careful. In the daylight it is ok to enter parks, so we are told. We walked into one and started following this BonIce person (people all over Ecuador and Colombia selling freezies). They are about 10 cents and they have great flavors. When we get bored, sometimes we just follow them around. Tonight we are going to head back to Ecuador (hopefully) cause we are really running out of time now!


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