So, my research so far isn’t really looking at which water companies have the best quality. Although I did notice that only 1/3 actually have any water quality certification. This project stemmed more from the sheer amazement at how many companies there actually are. You can seriously buy a different kind every day!

Note that these waters are ones that are available locally. Yes, there are 4 or 5 pictured that are imported but I’ve still counted them because they are in the mix of competition. Be assured, 85% of these are manufactured around Phnom Penh and another 10% in other provinces.

So here are my theories so far which I will continue to investigate:

1) Manufacturing bottled water in Cambodia is pretty much the best business around.

Logic: There is hardly any regulation (especially that’s enforced) regarding water quality. So you just have to make sure that the water you’re obtaining looks clear, then get some bottles made just like everyone else, and make up a company name, a stupid slogan, fake some purification standards on the back and you’re in business!!

2) Companies switch names often (maybe every production sequence!)

Logic: One month a certain type of water, say, “Steve” Water will be in everyone’s hand. Then a month later (like now) you can’t buy it anywhere. New companies are coming in every day.. I just saw cases of Elvis Water hitting the shelves everywhere around Central Market the other day! This is the best way to avoid anyone coming after you.

Nearly all the bottles have poor English but here are some of the funnier:

Steve Water: The Quality Drops!

Elvis Water: Drinking reverse osmosis is water is the high standard well above the laid by any country in the world and perfect mixer for all concentrate syrup and fruit. Drinking water that is safe and refreshing bottled under managerment and inspection of the food expert.

Hi-Zone: Produced from fresh water source, treated by RO system and Ozone, sterilized by UV on full automatic of the USA technology.

Borey Spring: Our water has been carefully made through technology, that’s why the Borey Spring water has become the best tasting and healthy water for you.

Omexs: Improve Energy of the Body