I'm not a pillar, I'm Aya
Family at Jerash Roman Deapolis Ruins
Aya climbing Zues' Temple at Jerash
Aljoun Castle from our Hotel window
Amie + Aya and the pillars at JerashSteve + Aya at JerashSteve + Aya playing hide n seek in the Jerash Ruins

The whole reason we even came to the Middle East or conceived of this trip at all was because of Christie and Chris in Kuwait. We arrived at their place and immediately vegetated. We ended up not even leaving their apartment block that much, instead enjoying the surrounding community, kids toys, washing machine, beer tap fridge, and especially having all the Gosselin grandchildren together for the first time.


I'd only ever thought of Kuwait as an isolated desert sandscape. I didn't expect a bustling and thriving city, or the most gorgeous views of the Arabian Gulf, or beautiful palm-lined walkways, or the most opulent shopping mall I've ever seen, or Kuwaiti men looking nothing short of regal in their dishdashas and head dresses.

I have this vivid picture in my mind of walking into a Starbucks filled with elegant people and thinking, 'my word! where AM I!?!'

But the greatest highlight of course was seeing Chris and Christie again and meeting sweet Kayden for the first time. It was their hospitality, steady flow of coffee and hot water and delicious food and homemade drinks, and evening chats and sweet memories with the cousins that were really special.


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