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We were worried that she would never come. But of course, she arrived [May 10, 2011, 17:40]. And in the most fast and furious of manners. It was an intense labour experience (6 hours from start to finish, complete with a Hollywood-style water break all over the floor in our apartment!)

And now that she is here, it kind of feels like she's always belonged. Welcome to the world – to our family – Aya Kalyan [Full of Color, the Highest Quality].

She's exactly one week old today. The time has flown by already and we're sinking into what it means to be parents. (Yikes! It's crazy to even call ourselves that – and we're only just beginning to unpack what that means).

One week on, here are a few life changes we've noticed already…

-Sleep is now a prized commodity. Every parent we know warned us about this. But let's be honest, we didn't really believe them. You never really understand until you're up in the middle of the night (for hours) burping a baby for what feels like forever.

-Laundry. Lots of it. We do a load every day of diapers and are so glad that we invested in a washing machine in our house in PP before coming to Bangkok. We are going to use it very well.

-Life has shrunk down to a continual cycle of feeding, gas management (lots and lots of burping)

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