Yak is one of the iconic peaks of the Coquihalla Summits group. It’s impossible to drive over the pass and not marvel at the huge granite slab that makes up the south slope.

The granite slap that is Yak as viewed driving over the Coquihalla Pass
Scrambling up the slab

The hike is a bit of a grind but in good weather, it is not difficult or technical. A bit of rain or snow would change this as there could be some slippery spots. Regardless, this is a 4-6 hour hike that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

There is no parking at the immediate trailhead and therefore 600-800m of highway shoulder walking is necessary. The closest parking is a highway pull-off below Yak Peak. To park near a washroom, choose the next exit (Zopkios Brake Check).

False Summit
Incredible views to the north including the Anderson River group and Alpaca, Vicuna + Guanaco peaks