Ridgewalk with Zupjok Behind

This one has definitely been on the hit list for a couple years since finding out it was possible. The ridgewalk starts at the Zopkios Rest Area and quickly climbs in elevation. Two hours gets you to the summit of Zupjok and thus begins a 6km ridgewalk across Llama Peak to Alpaca Peak. Along the way the views are stunning in all directions (if by chance there is good weather and there rarely is).

North along the ridge to Llama and Alpaca (Vicuna + Guanaco on right)

The trail was surprisingly safe and straight forward compared to others in the area – little exposure and virtually no scrambling or route-finding. The hardest part was missing a turn along the initial ATV track which continues up to Ottomite Mountain. There is some poorly visible flagging 3km from Zopkios Parking signalling a small trail that diverges off the road up to Zupjok. From there you can’t stray too far on the narrow ridge without noticing right away.

Just leaving Zupjok

The entire trail took us 10 hours although some 20 somethings ran past us and did it in a day and a half. Not bad for either group considering the 20-25km round trip.

View northwest to Gamuza, Steinbok, Ibex, Chamois, Gemse, and Reh peaks
View south across the highway to Markhor, Needle + Flatiron

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