48 hours in Revelstoke: the perfect shoulder-season getaway with kids. Why? Because in April and May and September and October, the busy crowds of the summer subside but the weather is warm and inviting during the day. Winter definitely hasn’t hit in full yet. With the weather working in your favour and tons of activities, Revelstoke is a perfect weekend destination for families.

Regardless of the time of year you visit, this little Canadian town is nestled in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia (read, gorgeous!), has a long railroad history (interesting!!) and is hemmed in on all sides by all sorts of adventure opportunities (yes!!!)

If you travel in the shoulder seasons, you’ll be lucky enough to experience all the above minus the crowds.

We spent a couple of days last fall exploring the town and this is what we discovered.

48 hours in revelstoke bc

Revelstoke Pipe Coaster

Imagine rocketing down a mountain in a small cart that is fastened to a pipe. Sound crazy? It is a little. But it’s also amazing! The Revelstoke Pipe Coaster topped our Revelstoke bucket list. We got to whiz down a mountain and drink in the panoramic mountain views. Parents can share the experience with their kids – starting at 3 years of age, children can ride with an adult (no height or weight minimums).

Revelstoke BC Pipe Coaster

Revelstoke Mountain Resort

While the Pipe Coaster is certainly a huge draw in the summer and shoulder seasons, Revelstoke Mountain Resort also boasts dozens of hiking and walking trails. Get your Pipe Coaster tickets first, then hike one of the numerous trails. You can pipe coaster your way back to the car.

The Enchanted Forest

This attraction sits further afield, about 30 kilometres west of Revelstoke on the Trans-Canada Highway. For a dozen or so years it has captivated the hearts and minds of kids with miniature manifestations of common fairy tales and children’s stories set in tall, Cedar forest. Our kids were thrilled with the experience.

Enchanted Forest near Revelstoke, BC

Railway Museum

The Canadian Pacific Railway had its share of challenges building the first trans-Canadian railway that linked Pacific and Atlantic coasts. The mountains of British Columbia were unforgiving and it took more time than expected to dynamite through granite. The Revelstoke Railway Museum details much of that fascinating history. It also has an engaging children’s area with puzzles, colouring pages, and toys to keep the young ones busy.

Aquatic Centre

On a rainy day, the Revelstoke Aquatic Centre is the perfect spot to let the kids burn off some steam. The pool facility has a water slide, diving boards and a large kiddie pool.

Sky Trek Adventure Park

While this was not in the cards for us on our Revelstoke trip since our kids are still so young, we have heard great things about Sky Trek Adventure Park from friends. It consistently gets good reviews for older kids. What kid doesn’t love zip-lining through the trees? A couple of years from now, it will be on our list.

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