Travelling to exotic destinations is fabulous fun, but thrill and adventure CAN be found anywhere. 6 tips for finding adventure close to home.

Of course, travelling internationally to far-flung and exotic destinations is wonderful. But never forget that a life of adventure is a state of mind, not a specific location. Here are our top tips seeking out and finding adventure right where you are.

6 Tips finding adventure close to home

Pretend you’re a tourist in your own city

Seriously. Look up new restaurants you haven’t been to. Commit to exploring every single park in your town. Choose to walk down a different street. Discover a neighbourhood you are unfamiliar with. Go on a walking tour of your city’s downtown core or cultural/arts district.

There are always, always things to discover.

Sometimes the best stories and experiences happen when we see the same thing and the same people through a different lens.

Regional Gems

At last count, there were hundreds, like literally hundreds of regional and provincial parks across Canada. Most are totally free. Many have bathrooms, campsites and picnic spots. Some even have winter facilities. With so many to choose from, there is always something new to explore within a short distance.

Nearby National Parks

There are 46 national parks in Canada, many that are off the beaten path or not as well known as the more famous ones. Plus, there is a big bonus in 2017 – in honour of Canada’s 150th anniversary, admission to all national parks is free

Science Centres and Museums

If ever there was a place for discovery, science centres are it. And they are scattered across Canada’s main cities, meaning they are never too far away.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Is there any child that doesn’t love a zoo, a farm or a petting zoo? There are dozens of opportunities to meet animals face to face. Wildlife recovery centres, zoos, and family farms are spread across Canada offering wonder and excitement for kids.

Maximize long weekends

Last year we took advantage of the tail end of the shoulder season in the Rocky Mountains to explore Revelstoke, BC. It’s right on the No. 1 Highway and we’ve driven through it a million times, but have never taken the time to actually explore. We found a cheap hotel for a couple of nights and hit up all the sights we could find with the girls. It still goes down in history as one of the best family vacations. Our oldest daughter even told us, “I LOVE long trips!!” And it was only a long weekend.

Take a look at the map, pick a place that’s far enough to feel like you’ve been ‘away’ but not so far as to make it a real, long road trip, and pack up the family.

That’s it from us. How about you. What are your tips and tricks for adventuring locally with your family? 

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