Area around the confluence point
Steve + Kevin at the point

I am not exactly sure what happened along the way to this confluence but I will tell the story as best I can. You see, the day before the confluence I decided to start my anti-Malaria medicine and that in combination with lack of food and sleep was making everything really interesting. No energy, random distorted vision bursts, occasional hallucinations – It probably made the journey to the confluence that much more interesting.

Anyway, the confluence is located near the town of Ybycui near a national park. Since we were going to the national park anyway, the confluence venture seemed reasonable. Of course, taking Paraguay local buses to get to little cities isn't the most pleasant experience. Every bus goes about 30 km and then loops around again. So after 6 or 7 buses and all day, we reached the town of Ybycui.

Now of course with most confluence attempts, there is always a really easy way to get to the confluence which you only find on the way back. Of course the way there takes much longer because you go down the wrong paths in a roundabout direction. That was the case here. We walked down a road kind of in the direction of the confluence but of course it curved around. We finally bushwhacked through some farmer's fields and across a couple rivers (this part was a lot more interesting because of the meds) and voila! we made it to the confluence and noticed a road right beside it (the way back took a quarter of the time).

And there you have it! the first conquered confluence in Paraguay!!!


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