Aya at Northbridge
Aya and her best friend, Cedar
Spoiled Aya
Aya being cute in her highchair
Aya climbed up the chair and sits at the deskAya in her new moto seatAya's shadesAya climbing the porch table for a danceGames on the planeAya + Grandma CampbellAya talking to the rabbitsMessy spaghetti dinnerAya on the rocking horseAya in her flower girl dressA little too much drink?Aya + Steve at Rob and Jenn's WeddingAya playing outsideAya hiking in KepAya and Grandma GosselinAya hates the cute flowerAya and her bicycle helmetAya and her sailor dressAya + Steve near KampotSteve + Aya in KampotRelaxing in KampotAya frilly bumAya making messes like usualAya at Monkey Business in Phnom PenhAya playing with Cedar + EzraAya playing at Mike's BurgersPals hanging outAya owning Steve on the lawnAya chillaxing in KampotAya and Cedar in KampotAya + Cedar in KampotAya trying on traditional clothingAya finger paintingAya trying on new clothesAya sliding at Northbridge schoolAmie + Aya sliding at Northbridge School

Another 4 months with our favourite toddler

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