Kevin and I are still having the best time ever. We are in a city south of Buenos Aires on the atlantic coast called Mar del Plata. Yesterday we sauntered into the pescadoria (fish store) and bought a sizable fish. The store owners gave us the craziest looks cause they had never seen any backpackers walk in and get a fish before – especially without wanting it cut up or gutted (I nievely thought I could cook it somewhere cause we wanted to camp that night).

After three hours of walking out of the city, taking random busses, and turning down expensive camping facilities, we found a place to put up our tent. A sign outside the fence we jumped over said something along the lines of "private property, no camping, fires prohibited". Unfortunately it had to do cause we were tired. We set the tent up under a canopy of trees and then went to make a fire somewhere else (really scared of being caught). We had to because we payed almost two dollars for the dumb fish. Without walking too far we found a hole in the ground with a grill beside it! How good is that?! So one of us grilled while the other was on the lookout just in case we needed to bolt and hide. We squeezed a couple lemons over the fish (best meal yet!!).

Today Kevin and I taunted sea lions we found on the beach most of the morning. Then we tossed the disc around and explored the city. The rest of the day we sat and ate cause the food is unique, inexpensive, and amazing. We are learning more spanish everyday and making a lot of local friends. This one guy, Jorje, fed us for three meals cause we kept coming back and he wouldn't stop telling us about these chicas that he wanted to hook us up with.

Tonight we are off to some mountains on an over-night bus. They are about 8 hours west!


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