The last few days in Paraguay have been more than interesting. Actually most of the time I have been walking around in a daze. I have come to the conclusion that this has been for one of two reasons – either I have malaria or the malaria pills I have started to take are giving me the side effects (we have now entered the jungle type areas of South America). I'm hoping for the later. Anyway, these side effects have been quite instructive and now I can fully describe what it probably feels like to have malaria. First of all, I can eat as much as I want but get no energy at all. Blurred vision, weak muscles, stomach and head ache. All this has really heightened the Paraguay experience. First of all everyone here keeps telling us how dangerous it is for us to be here so I keep hallucinating about people with guns everywhere (most of that is true). I keep seeing poisonous snakes on the road everywhere (Kevin says there hasn't been though).

Yesterday we conquered the first Paraguay confluence ever! It was mostly just walking through a bit of jungle and farmers fields but being doped up on these drugs made it much more of an adventure. I could have fallen asleep along the way in a pile of mud or where ever. Today we are going to check out the old ruins in Southern Paraguay called "Jesus". Supposedly it is an old Jesuit established town. I think people just go there to get their picture with the sign though.

Other than that, our time in Paraguay is up! We got some bus tickets to Sao Paulo, Brazil, for tomorrow morning. When our bus arrives we are going to the airport to pick up Ryan. Then the three of us will continue on working our way to Ecuador. Woohoo!


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