Arwen swimming at the Cotton Castle
The Library at Ephesus
Aya finding hot pools
Family in Pamukkale
Arwen + Dad on the trainAya exploring the waterfallsAmie and Aya at the Cotton CastleAmphitheater in HierapolisHot or cold pool?Archway at EphesusAya befriending the kitties at EphesusTrain EntertainmentExploring the Cotton Castle near HierapolisExploring the Cotton CastleAya at the Ephesus ruinsScript on a block at the Ephesus ruinsWalkway in EphesusAya + Steve warming their feet in a Hierapolis aqueduct

It looks like you’re walking on snow but it’s warm! Hot spring water rich in calcium carbonate has been flowing over this mountain under the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis for centuries and the result is a white mountain with hot streams and terraced pools. Aya enjoyed it the most, finding hot and cold pools and bathing under warm waterfalls.


Visiting Ephesus is surreal. It’s like stepping wayyyyy back in time to the Greco-Roman era and getting a bit of a snapshot of what life was like. The magnificent library, the amphitheater, even the public latrines! For some reason I love the ancient monuments with Greek text. I have no clue what they say, but am fascinated by the public displays of art and language.


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