Family on the Ramparts wall walk
Aya lucky enough to celebrate Jerusalem Purim
Steve + Aya crawl-swimming through Hezekiah's Tunnel
Amie and Aya in the Armenian quarter
On the temple mount near the Dome of the RockAya + Steve on the Via Dolorosa Way of SorrowsAya on the Ramparts walkAya on the Ramparts walkAya on the Ramparts walkNavigating the old Jerusalem city streetsCitadel - Tower of DavidThe Western wailing wall  Amie descending into Hezekiah's TunnelView over the old cityAmie and the kids in the Jerusalem zoo prairie dog view bubbleAya + Dad found something to ride at the zooNoah's ark at the Jerusalem ZooAya dancing at the Dome of the RockMount of Olives

We are finding Israel extremely expensive so we resorted to the cheapest accomodation option – couch surfing. We hooked up with a family who lived in suburban Nazareth. It ended up being a whole lot better than a couch and we ended up learning a lot about the country and local politics in the process. We also rented a car for a couple days, drove around the Sea of Galilee (even through the Golan heights near the Syria border and a peek at the West Bank) and saw various biblical sites like Capernaum and the mount of the Beatitudes.


For me Galilee was a beautiful, spiritual experience. Wandering the hills where Jesus did his ministry. Seeing the lake (and tossing stones in with Aya)

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