Kevin and I are still in San Pedro De Atacama. This is the best place we have been so far. Yesterday we visited these wonderful geysers at 4am and froze our buts off. They were pretty cool though. I pretty much sat on this one big geyser most of the time to stay warm. After this, we went to this little village. Much to our satisfaction there was this little llama walking around. The first thing we thought was, we have got to mount this thing! And we did just that after catching it and avoiding the friendly spitting. They also had llama skewers roasting on this grill so we ate some llama. I tried to feed the llama a banana but I got in trouble because it supposedly kills them.

Today we rode for 4 hours to these salt flats south of the city. The best part was this random little pond in the middle of nowhere that was freezing cold. It was almost hypothermic in temperature but we got in anyway. I have never seen anything like it. The temperature outside was way over 30 degrees. Nearby there were a couple crazy pink flamingos. They were gorgeous. When they took off their wings were fluorescent pink. We wanted to catch them and cook them for supper but they were just too observant of our tactics. Ok, tomorrow we head back to Argentina and eventually over to Brazil to meet Koop! Looking forward to it!


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