These hot springs look a lot like natural hot springs but they are really just run-off from the resort pools above. Having said that and at the right angle the whole area looks very picturesque.

Looks pretty amazing at the right angle!!

The water contains enough minerals that the river and pools are coated in calcium deposits. Seeing the naturally formed layers and entombed sticks and rocks makes the visit worthwhile even if dipping in the pools is not for everyone.

On closer inspection, the falls look a bit suspicious

Since the water temperature is dependent on the pools above, they are warm at best. On a cold day, there is some comfort sitting directly under the hoterfall but in general, most of the pools are not comfortable on a cold day.

Overall, this spot down the canyon from from Fairmont resort is definitely worth a visit even if the naturalness of the pools is in question.

The pools themselves are built with rocks surrounding and then encased in limestone deposits