Ready for a boat ride down the Kinabatangan
Enjoying some Magnum bars on the beach
Steve + Aya at the beach at Manukan Island
Aya ready for some hiking
Removing the chicken off my bagAmie and Aimee on a canopy walk in SepilokLadies boating down the KinabatanganBoating out to Manukan IslandLisa's leaf wingsAmie + Aya on a jungle leech trekTwo in the lifejacketSteve + Aya on the canopy walk in Kinabalu Mountain ParkGroup boating down the Kinabatangan

It was near the end of the trip when a traveler made an interesting comment about our group of 7 (steve,amie,aya,jodi,steve,lisa,aimee). 'Honestly, are you guys doing some sort of group parenting?'. This was quite a fair question as our group tended to travel, eat together and often share giant rooms. Even after we (steve+amie) had gone to bed, there were still comments about whether or not Aya would sleep well or if she had enough to eat. These comments are completely relevant when there are many sharing a room with a baby. To be honest, there was indeed some group parenting going on.

Aside from hiking Mt. Kinabalu and diving at Sipadan, our group spent most of the time visiting sites around eastern Sabah. The most unforgettable portion involved a homestay on the Kinabatangan River. The area around the river has been deforested in favour of palm oil plantations. This forces scores of animals (orangutans, pygmy elephants etc…) to live near the riverbank. Tourism has capitalised on this and now it is very popular to boat down the river and animal watch.

Our particular choice of homestay had everything to do with the guide (Osman)

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