New world hair salon - a slice of heaven for nine bucks

Being the day before Valentine's day, I felt it was high time to do some beautifying. Thank goodness that in Phnom Penh this is a fairly inexpensive effort. (A good thing too since the amount I sweat in this country requires increased measures to become more beautified).

So I went to the hair salon – New World Beauty Salon – upon the recommendation of several friends.

I am so glad I went.

I walked into New World Hair salon and explained briefly what I wanted – a hair wash and cut.

So the kind Cambodian woman walked me to the back of the building and got me to stretch out on a big bedlike thing with a sink at the top. As I relaxed back, with my head in the sink for the wash, the bed started massaging my back. A massaging chair! Then she thouroughly massaged/washed my hair for 20 minutes. Absolute heaven – or at least a piece of it.

Then the kind Cambodian woman walked me out to the main hair salon, sat me down in the chair and massaged my shoulders – of course an important requirement for a hair cut!

At New World salon, the women wash/massage and the men do the cutting. So after briefly explaining what I was looking for, a Vietnamese guy chopped and cut for 1/2 an hour. Styling was the icing on the cake.

And all that for $9. I may need to go and do that more often!


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