Yesterday was probably our cheapest day ever. Kevin and I were in the delta above Buenos Aires all day and it was pretty quiet and peaceful. There were no roads up there – just small creeks where boats would go up and down. All the shops, restaurants, etc.. just have docks out into the water and everyone just scoots around. This would be a good time for a pic but I don't think that is going to be possible. We wised up and realized that we have been paying $5 a night for either a campsite or a hostel so we asked someone if we could camp on his grass. The guy didn't mind at all so I think we may have stumbled upon the cheapest accommodation yet!

Kevin and I spent most of the day on random boats and buses but when the sun finally went down we found ourselves in the Uruguayan capital (Montevideo). At first glance Uruguay is pretty much the same as Argentina. Their flag is even the same with the sun in the corner instead of the middle, see? As we are walking around more, we are seeing differences now. Everyone is walking around with this little pot and a filter straw thing. Finally we asked someone what the deal was and they said it was "mate" or something. We tried it and it was kind of like strong tea… could have easily been drugs though. Either way.. I need to find my own mate pot and straw. Anyway, we found a cheap hostel and there is this place close by that has tango dancing at 11:30. I'll shoot for it but Kevin works on about the same time table as me… as soon as 10:00 hits, the brain stops working and its sleep time.


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