Jess near shore Langa Tabiki island in distance
Yay, we're in French Guiana....or maybe not..
Overlooking the filming of a Dutch kids show
Amie near huge termite mound

We saw a lot this weekend on our first trip to Suriname's interior. What a wild mix of cultures! We spent two days in a Maroon village on the Surinamese side of the river that separates Suriname from French Guyana. We were hosted by a friend who happens to be a Maroon journalist. Along with her and an American from the Peace Corp, we along with the other 4 Canadians drove two hours east, then two hours south on bumpy, laterite roads, and took a 10 minute boat ride to Langatabiki – a super long island in the middle of nowhere. We swam in the river (polluted by gold mining in the area)

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