Wayne and Sheila consume our favourite Cambodian drink - Teuk Ampov Sugarcane juice. With a tad of orange, this is the most perfect 12 cent tropical drink.
The perfect way to end a long day - foot spa pedicures for those exhausted tootsies.
Investigating railway construction on bikes
Mom 'n Son in the Kampot market
Fried Tarantula - the perfect way to celebrate Chris, Christie and Rob's arrival in Phnom PenhWe all rented bikes and cycled around the Cambodian coast.  Beautiful.When we run out of things to do, there's always another band photo to take.  This time on a crumbling pier, possibly built by the Khmer Rouge. Glisteningly sweat after sumitting Sunset Rock in Kep.

In February and March we had not one but TWO fantastic visits from family. Wayne and Sheila and Rob, Christie and Chris all came to visit us in Phnom Penh. We love sharing our favourite adventures with the people we love.

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