End of the pier
Driving down the beach
Hey, the camera is over here perv!                
In Buddhist hell, it's every man for himself
Entrance of Safari WorldSupermonkey got pantsed during the showRelaxing at the beachWhite sand at secluded Koh Kong beachHope it doesn't get crankyIt's a tough worldBlue wins!Chillin' at Koh Kong BeachPhum Doung Bridge looking north up the Tatai riverFun at Taitai waterfall

Koh Kong city and surrounding area have been undergoing a major revival over the last couple years. Last time we were here in 2008 the place was a hole and we avoided it ever since. Now that bridges replace all ferry crossings towards the provincial capital, attractions, restaurants, ecolodges, and guesthouses are popping up everywhere. We took a long weekend to inspect the progress. This involved checking out waterfalls, a crazy temple recreating Buddhist hell, and sampling Asia's premier animal shows at Safari World.


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