Some strange sister ritual
Sweetest baby Arwen
Aya's big smile
Arwen's big grin
Arwen hidingAya's first dentist experienceRelaxing at the beachArwen zoned outSweet standing ArwenAya putting stars on the christmas treeHalloween at Aya's schoolSisters swingingDad + girls in balcony fortSisterly loveAya sleeping on the sidewalkAya colouringSisters in the strollerArwen playing billiardsArwen trying to help aya make a puzzleEarly up ArwenAya's done something sneakyArwen into everythingArwen at the BeachAya at the Kep monkey's staturTV at Sam's houseArwen cute in the ball pitReindeer ArwenArwen piggy-back hair pullAya finally overloads on sugar at Sam's second birthdayAya exploring Kep's ruinsArwen being sneakyAya's hairstyling passionSam, Aya and Arwen preparing for Sochi 2014Aya takes forever to do her businessArwen learning to archAya painting on the balcony

The overnight flight from S.E. Asia to the Middle East with kids couldn't be described without using 'awful' and 'hell' a few times. A big scream-fest that made us question whether holding the palm of a hand over a kid's crying mouth is any better than spanking and locking in the bathroom. It got better soon after though. We were whisked away to a hotel and treated to a breakfast of hummus, feta, and olives. Falafel and baklava weren't too far behind and this is a huge step up after the kingdom of lawnmower meat on rice.

We decided to shake the 4 hour jet-lag off in Amman for a couple days (drugged the kids after they were wide awake at 2AM the first morning). The first thoughts we have are freezing ones. Trading our usual 35¶ø humid weather for rainy 7¶ø was hard enough for us and down right shocking for our tropical babies. Aya got so cold walking around that her pee restraint muscles stopped working.

There were other big changes too. No motorbikes, no food-carts, no dogs (upgrade for sure)

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