We finally made it to Sao Paulo after a 28 hour bus ride. The highlight of the bus ride was having no Brazilian currency when the bus stopped for supper. Kevin and I slumped at a table and eventually people just started buying stuff for us. A sandwich then some cokes etc.. We got to Sao Paulo just in time to rush to the airport and pick up Koop. This is it, the three of us are together and ready for the next leg of our journey!

We have been quite impressed with the craziness and the vast amounts of people everywhere. got a great hostel here in the city which was $4 with all you can eat breakfast. Other than that everything is pretty routine – first shower in a week, finding ticks all the time random places which I won't specify, stuff like that. Kevin has been sick for a couple days without being able to hold much food in. His remedy for his illness is to eat as much as possible faster than his body can liquefy the food… Seems to be working.


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