Regillio's house where we are staying
Canadians and friends at orientation
Domestic Amie
Not much between Amie and the Tiger!
Steve over top of burried wall of Fort AmsterdamAmie and one of 8 new puppies

We are settling in fine into Paramaribo. It ended up that our host family was a bachelor named Regillio. He is pretty laid back and treats us well. We got to his house (top left picture) a couple days ago to be greeted by his 14 dogs – makes for segmented sleeping. The other 4 of the canadian crew got in on the weekend and it is good to have some sense of community so far. We had a Suriname style orientation (top right picture) which was brief and confusing at times but there was fresh passion fruit juice so it was all good.


Early morning coffee. Cold water showers. A big, fenced in front verandah that's perfect for reading. Yep, we've found a refuge from the heat at Regillio's house.

We're a fifteen minute bus ride from downtown, a few blocks from an internet cafe, and in the middle of a nice neighbourhood. Couldn't be better! Now we're just trying to wrap our minds around how to cook in Suriname that will come with time I'm sure!

Our first attempt in finding a church proved to be the greatest thing we stumbled upon. Sometime last week we wandered by a tiny Southern Baptist Church with English signs. We hoped against hope, took the 15 minute bus ride, and walked into the church on Sunday fully expecting a Dutch or Taki Taki service.

What a blessing! It is an English speaking church in the middle of Paramaribo's downtown! It may be Southern Baptist, but there's certainly no southern drawl there! Everyone's from Guyana or Trinidad, or Suriname, we were clearly the only whities there.


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