Goats under the bus
Cooking Class.
Coffee. The nectar of the gods and an especially wonderful treat at my first Starbucks in 6 months.
Take off.
Superwoman!  A moment after this was taken, I burst into a blood curdling scream.  Scary!!!Chantelle and Amie on the 'Honeymoon' Zipline.  BRAAAAKE!Chiang Mai Flower Festival.  All the details are made of flowers or seeds.

While Wayne and Steve spent some quality father-son time on Cambodia's coast, I spent some quality sister time in Chiang Mai!

The trip to Thailand started with a 12 hour bus ride to Bangkok, complete with goats packed in with the cargo below the bus! After the ride to Bangkok, I hopped on another overnight bus to get to Chiang Mai for early Saturday morning. After 24 hours of travel, I made it safe and sound and joined Chantelle and Andrea on a series of adventures during the weekend!

1. Thai cooking class. This is always a well spent $20. shopping at the local market, a free recipe book, and one-on-one attention from the chef all afternoon! We also ate 5 meals in 4 hours – and when that involves Thai food that's always a VERY GOOD THING!

2. Around Chiang Mai. My eyes almost burst out of my head when I saw a Starbucks. The store shone with a lovely western glow after six months of Cafe Sentiment in Phnom Penh. Don't get me wrong, I love Cafe Sentiment, but Starbucks was such a treat!

3. Flight of the Gibbon. This was awesome! 10 ziplines, a couple of drops, and swinging bridges, all 50 feet above the jungle floor. We screeched and screamed and loved every moment of it.

4. The Chiang Mai Flower Festival. This was wild – floats made entirely of flower! It was lovely to be there!

A very fun weekend with fabulous company!


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